Alpha IP MIOB 230 V, neutral


The OEM Alpha IP Multi-IO Box (MIOB) serves for the functional extension of the Alpha IP indoor environment solution for surface heating.

This extension can increase the energy efficiency and the comfort, but also the safety of the room-by-room temperature control system. The MIOB offers several connection options for the demand-oriented and energy-efficient operation of pumps and boilers, for the change-over between heating and cooling operation, for dew point monitoring, dehumidifier control, and overtemperature limitation in the overall system.

Installation is performed flexibly and freely placeable on the wall by screws or on DIN rail.

1.1 Features

  • 230 V version
  • Functional extension for Alpha IP indoor environment solution
  • Direct connection of pumps/boilers
  • CO input for heating/cooling change-over
  • Dew point monitoring
  • Operation and function displays via LED
  • Flexible wall installation
  • Pre-configured for stand-alone solution
  • Compatible to Homematic IP
  • Encryption and authentication of all data packets according to safety standards as e. g. AES-128 and CCM/RFC3610

 In conjunction with HAP, all IO ports can be parametrised individually. The following connection options are available, for example:

Dehumidifier control

Change-over output (CO pilot)

External timer

Target temperature limitation

General switching output for Homematic IP

The Möhlenhoff OEM product quality ensures easy, intuitive installation, operation and maintenance of the entire system.

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In the respective basic version, the OEM Alpha IP Multi-IO Box (MIOB) will be delivered as neutral devices without logo and in white.


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Scope of supply


MIOB 21001-N1

MIOB 230 V, neutral, white

  • Alpha IP MIOB 230 V
  • Operating instructions in 12 languages
  • 4 x Screws 4,0 x 40 mm
  • 4 x Dowels 6 mm