Alpha IP Room Control Unit with Display RTD61001-N1


The Alpha IP Room Control Unit Radio with Display registers the room temperature and the humidity in the assigned heating zone and regu- lates it via connected Alpha IP Radiator Thermostats or the base station for floor temperature adjustment.

As a component of the Alpha IP building automation system, the room control unit offers access to all room and system specific parameters with its extensive functionality. The precise temperature registration allows to establish a perfectly matched room-by-room temperature control system for maximum user comfort.

The Alpha IP app allows to adapt heating phases to individual user requirements. Operation is performed via a rotary control with rotary- push action and fine ratchet as well as by the language-neutral indica- tion of the high-quality display which is always well visible, or also using the Alpha IP app.

Already in their standard design, the Alpha IP Room Control Unit Radio with Display persuades with a modern appearance. Customer- specific differentiation is always possible.

1.1 Features

  • Flat design and small dimensions (86 mm x 86mmx31.9mm)
  • Self-explaining, language-neutral operation and user guidance 
  • Big display with white background illumina- tion(57mmx33mm)
  • Display of target and actual temperature as well as humidity
  • Time-controlled regulation of room tem- perature in connection with one or more Alpha IP Radiator Thermostats or the Alpha
    IP Base Station for floor heating systems
  • Up to three adjustable heating profiles: The room temperature can be adjusted in a

time-controlled way (up to 6 heating phases per day with individually configurable tem- perature) Cyclic data transmission to Alpha Base Station, radiator thermostats or pluggable switch Manual adjustment of target temperature

(to the nearest 0.5 °C) directly at the control wheel Direct activation of the boost function (fast and short-term heating of the room in case of radiator thermostats)
High-quality OEM design with a multitude of optical differentiation possibilities

Wall and flush-type box installation (Germany & Switzerland)
Automatic change over between summer and winter time

Simultaneous coupling to 2 base stations Up to 8 window contacts can be assigned to the room control unit
Compatible to Homematic IP

Encryption and authentication of all data packets according to safety standards as e. g. AES-128 and CCM/RFC3610


The Möhlenhoff OEM product quality ensures easy, intuitive installation, operation and maintenance of the entire system

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