Fittings for MLC Pipe

Multitubo Systems press- fit fittings are the perfect option for safe and secure installation of multi-layer composite pipes. The fitting creates a permanent, consistently leak-proof connection for use in heating and Plumbing applications. The ‘leak before press’  design is an added  safety feature to ensure detection of incorrectly pressed fittings. The fixed press sleeve with an observation window,  serves as a visual aid  of the correct stop collar.


The only Multilayer pipe system, with 5 connection options.

Our Metal-Press-Fitting is the universal connection for dim. 16 mm to 75 mm pipes. The Multitubo fitting is the most reliable in the Irish market and has the widest range of Tees, Elbows, couplings and adaptors for ease of installation.

The Multitubo range also provides fitting body made of PPSU. This Press Fitting is a cost-efficient alternative for the most used fittings in dim. 16 mm to 32 mm.

Our third option is a Push-fitting and this provides the ideal alternative where press-tools cannot be used or where the quickest installation time is required. Multitubo Push-fit provides secure and tight connection without need for tools offers a enormous flexibility on site.

Similar to the PPSU-Press-Fitting the PPSU-Push-Fitting offers the possibility to work more cost-efficient on the most used fittings. By using the MULTITUBO system Push-Fittings small repairs can be done with little effort and projects can be realized within shortest time.

The Welding-Fitting is a cost-efficient alternative for the larger dimensions 40 mm to 75 mm. For the first time fusion-welding of Multilayer pipe is possible with this connection technology. Compared to the Metal-Press-Fitting the Welding fitting with it’s low weight has cost-saving attributes.

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