Modular Distribution Manifold with shut-off valves 3/4” – 4 Outlets


Modular distribution manifolds: quality 100% made in Italy

The ideal solution for domestic water installations.

  • Body in forged, nickel-plated brass.
  • Centres distance: mm.38.
  • Maximum working temperature: 110°C.
  • Threads ISO228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).

E-Z Itap modular Manifolds with individual shut-off valves on the manifold outlets to isolate individual pipe runs to appliances. Supplied with adhesive labels to allow labelling of the individual outlets. 1/2”F outlets for use with 16mm MLP Pipe Connectors.

Manifold distribution systems provide the following benefits.

  • Simplified installation.
  • Eliminates concealed joints in ceiling voids which are potential leak points.
  • Central, more uniform supply to all services.
  • Central service/maintenance area.
  • Individual supplies can be isolated.
  • Less joints result in improved flow rates.