T-BOX in EPP CASING – DN25 3x Zone modules Type D


The new distribution system for the heating zone system, design, compactness and power.

Double power in half space.

T-BOX needs half the space usually required to the traditional systems.,

DN 25 3x

MAX FLOW RATE 3000 l/h


  • Every T-BOX part is carefully studied for granting high performance, efficiency and easy installation to the installer.
  • Complete insulation of the zone manifold
  • Total protection of the electric components
  • Protect and ventilation of the pump




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T-BOX DN25 is a compact distribution module suitable for  Three zone heating systems. 70KW


It manages two or three heating zones. Wall-hung or built-in versions are availbale.

Heating zones are served by 3 types of circulating unit:

• Direct unit (high temperature) [D Module]

• Constant temperature mixing unit [PF Module]

• Modulating temperature mixing unit. For this unit is available an heating controller. [TS Module]