Alpha IP Pluggable Switch


The compact Alpha IP Pluggable Switch allows the switching of connected consumers via radio. E. g. electric heaters are integrated into the Alpha IP room climate solution and controlled by the electronic wall thermostat of the system. Thanks to the compact construction, no switches or other power outlets are blocked in multiple socket strips.


Product characteristics

• Manual operation: Connected devices can be switched on and ters off also directly on the device

• Enables the switching of connected devices, e. g. electric heaters

• In connection with the Alpha IP Room Control Unit Displays the temperature of rooms with electric heaters can be precisely regulated

• Easy installation: quickly and without any tools


Scope of supply

• Alpha IP Pluggable Switch

• Operating Instructions


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Technical data

Low standby power consumption
Thanks to the compact design, the pluggable switch does not block the surrounding sockets

Supply voltage

230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption

max. 16 A

Standby power consumption

< 0.3 W

Max. switching power

3680 W

Load type

resistive load

Protection type


Ambient temperature

-10 to +35 °C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

70 x 70 x 39 mm
(not including mains plug)


154 g

Radio frequency

868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz


Typical radio free-field range

400 m


Packaging dimensions


122 x 112 x 97 mm