Alpha IP Smoke Detector


The Alpha IP Smoke Alarm monitors a room for smoke emissions. Operation of the device is based on the photoelectric scattered light principle. This enables a fire to be detected at an early stage and a warning to be given in good time that dangerous smoke gases are present. When an alarm has been triggered, the integrated siren sounds and the warning LED will start to flash red. A white LED acts as emergency lighting for easy orientation also in the event of power failure.

1.1 Product characteristics

  • Scattered light smoke alarm with Q label. Certified in accord- •ance with EN 14604 and vfdb 14-01 by KRIWAN Testzentrum
  • Early detection of smoke build-up from incipient fires with loud •siren alert •
  • Maintenance-free thanks to a built-in battery with 10 years of •battery life
  • LED emergency lighting to illuminate emergency exits when thealarm is triggered •
  • Can also be used as a siren within the Alpha IP security solu-tion, e.g. as an intruder alarm •

1.2 Scope of supply

Metal mesh around the smoke chamber prevents insects from setting off false alarms
Large, easy-to-use button for function testing and mute function Self-test and battery monitoring function

Scope to link up to 40 wireless smoke alarms of the same type — by using the repeater function, the alarm can be passed on to other Alpha IP smoke alarms
Ceiling installation is both simple and convenient thanks to the screws and dowels provided

Can be used with the Access Point in conjunction with the Alpha IP app

  • Alpha IP Smoke Alarm (including batteries). Delivered is: Homematic Smoke Alarm with Q-Label
  • Ceiling bracket
  • 2xScrews3,0x30mm
  • 2xDowels5mm
  • Operating instructions
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Technical Data

Supply voltage

2 x 3 V Lithium Batterien (permanently installed)

Battery service life

10 years (typ.)

Protection type

IP 20

Ambient temperature

5 bis 30°C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

110 x 45 mm


148 g (including batteries)

Radio frequency

868,3 MHz/869,525 MHz

Typical radio free-field range

200 m


Packaging dimensions

184 x 140 x 73 mm


Packaging weight


315 g