Alpha IP Motion Detector interior


The Alpha IP Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor is designed especially for indoor application. The device detects movements as well as light intensity with an integrated brightness sensor.

This high performance motion detector can be used for security appli- cations and light control. In connection with other Alpha IP devices an alarm can be triggered or light activated if motions are detected. Thanks to the detection distance of up to 12 meters and a detection angle of 105 degrees (approx.) as well as different mounting possibili- ties the detection range can be optimized to the particular surround- ings. The motion detector can be placed anywhere on a wall, in a corner or in the supplied stand.

Brief changes in the level of brightness are filtered out. Thus, unin- tended response of the motion detector can be avoided. The bright- ness level for triggering and the level of sensitivity can be flexibly adjusted.

Thanks to the integrated tamper contact, the app is immediately in- formed about unauthorized removal or manipulation of the motion detector.

Product characteristics

Reliably detects movements and the ambient brightness via an integrated twilight sensor
Compact housing, ideal for use indoors
Suitable for connection with the Alpha IP App for alarm functions

Scope of supply

Alpha IP Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor – indoor Wall mounting bracket
2 x Screws 3,0 x 30 mm

• Optimum detection range of up to 12 m and a detection angle of approximately 105 degrees

• Convenient mounting on walls, ceilings, in corners or on the supplied stand

• Alert via the HomeMatic IP app if the detector is dismantled or tampered with thanks to an integrated tamper-proof contact

  • 2 x Dowels 5 mm
  • 2 x Double-sided adhesive strips
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 x 1,5 V LR06/Mignon/AA
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Technical data


Supply voltage

2 x 1,5 V LR6/Mignon/AA

Power consumption

40 mA

Battery service life

3 years (typ.)

Protection type


Ambient temperature


5 bis 35 °C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

52 x 65 x 34 mm



85 g (including.battery)

Radio frequency

868,3 MHz/869,525 MHz

Typical radio free-field range

280 m

Packaging dimensions

122 x 112 x 48 mm

Packaging weight


175 g