DN25 CP70 Hydraulic separator


CP 70 is a Low loss header, used to connect independent pumped circuits.

It is usually installed when the primary circuit circulator interacts with one or more of the secondary circuit circulators in the same system. 

Therefore, it avoids problems relating to flow rate variations and circuit prevalence.

 CP 70 

Press max 6 bar
Temp max 110 °C
Qn max 2,5 m3/h

Power 60kW  @ 20° C

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  • Example of use


• It hydraulically disconnects all connected independent pumped zone heating circuits

• It guarantees that secondary circuits operate efficiently and allows perfect balancing of all zones connected to the  system.

• Air vent connection and draining of plant impurities (dirt removal)

• Thermal insulation in black EPP

• Can be connected  to zone manifold for multizoning of large residential heating systems