Ego Actuator


Intelligent Flow Control takes care of the perfect hydraulic balancing

The EGO actuator completely redefines heating circuit regulation. With the EGO-AI (Artificial Intelligence) a perfect hydraulic adjustment becomes child’s play. Comfortable, easy and reliable.

EGO actuators can be used as a plug-and-play solution on all common distribution systems. You neither need special commissioning or parameterization, nor any additional components such as routers, gateways or app control. As a result, they differ considerably from the expensive home automation systems already available on the market.

The EGOs perform a technically perfect hydraulic adjustment immediately after installing the system on the construction site. The novel actuators completely exclude the “human factor” in the heating circuit regulation. Sensors on the pipes measure temperature differences – the rest are done by KI and Microchip by continuously calculating the correct temperature spread and the corresponding valve position.

The additional costs compared to conventional actuators are amortized by the time savings directly with the installation, since a calculation and the manual execution of the hydraulic balancing completely eliminated.