Alpha IP Alarm Siren


A piezo loudspeaker and LEDs provide acoustic and optical signaling in the event of an alarm

The Alpha IP Alarm Siren is designed for indoor applications and enables reliable acoustic and visual signaling in alarm cases, e.g. triggered by an Alpha IP Motion Detector. Alarms can be deactivated by connected Alpha IP devices or the Alpha IP app.

Once activated, the loudspeaker emits an acoustic signal with a sound pressure level of more than 90 dB. A number of various signal sounds can be selected. In addition, two high-performance red signal LEDs ensure visual signaling and enable early warning in case of alarm.

The battery operated alarm siren can be simply and flexibly mounted to walls our ceilings using the supplied mounting plate and the corre- sponding screws and dowels.

Thanks to the integrated tamper contact, the app is immediately in- formed about unauthorized removal or manipulation of the device.

1.1 Product characteristics

  • Acoustic and optical signaling of an alarm via piezo loudspeak- ers and LEDs
  • Advance warning with a loud signal tone of = 90 dB @ 1 m distance and red LED indicators


Tamper-proof contact for detecting manipulation or dismantling Can be easily installed onto the wall or ceiling in a position of your choice using the screws and plugs provided, keeping it out of the direct reach of an intruder

Looks like a smoke alarm
Can be used with the Access Point in conjunction with the Alpha IP app

  • Signal tones available to indicate when the security solution is
  • Select from various signal tones and alarm durations

1.2 Scope of supply

  • Alpha IP Alarm Siren
  • Mounting plate
  • 3x 1.5 V LR6/mignon/AA batteries
  • 2xScrews3.0x30mm
  • 2xDowels5mm
  • Operating instructions
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Technical Data


Supply voltage

3x 1.5 V LR6/Mignon/AA

Power consumption

300 mA max.

Battery service life

2 years (typ.)

Protection type

IP 20

Ambient temperature

5 bis 35°C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

124 x 45 mm


136 g (including batteries)

Radio frequency

868,3 MHz/869,525 MHz

Typical radio free-field range

250 m

Packaging dimensions

184 x 140 x 73 mm


Packaging weight


345 g