Alpha IP Wall Mount Switch (2 push button)


The Alpha IP Wall Mount Switch (2 push button) is a battery-operated radio transmitter for switching connected devices as e. g. radiator thermostats or switching sockets of the Alpha IP series. Thus, connec- ted radiator thermostats can be set to ECO mode by simply pressing the button when leaving the house.

The wall-mount remote control can be freely placed in the house, or integrated into numerous switch series via adapters.

1.1 Product characteristics

  • Switches the climate control solution of the Alpha IP system into ECO mode: the Alpha IP app allows to select between tempora- ry or permanent absence
  • Flexible and easy installation with supplied adhesive strips or screws

1.2 Scope of supply

  • Alpha IP Wall Mount Switch (2 push button)
  • Interchangeable frame
  • Mounting plate
  • Double-sided adhesive strips (2x)
  • Screws 3.0 x 30 mm (2x) and dowels 5 mm (2x)
  • 1.5 V LR03/micro/AAA batteries (2x)
  • Operating Instructions
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Technical data

• Easy integration into existing switch series of the following ma- nufacturers: Berker (S.1, B.1, B.3, B.7 Glas), GIRA (System 55, Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit), Merten (1-M, Atelier-M, M- Smart, M-Arc, M-Star, M-Plan), JUNG (A 500, AS 500, A plus, A creation) and ELSO (Joy)

• Several Alpha IP Wall-mount Remote Controls can be used within one climate control solution

Supply voltage

2x 1.5 V LR03/micro/AAA

Power consumption

max. 50 mA

Battery service life

4 years (typ.)

Protection type


Ambient temperature

5 to 35 °C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

without frame: 55 x 55 x 17 mm with frame: 86 x 86 x 19 mm



82 g (including battery)


Radio frequency


868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz

Typical radio free-field range

200 m


Packaging dimensions


122 x 112 x 48 mm