Alpha IP Base Station 24 V with 6 zones with transformer


The Alpha IP Base Station Radio 24 V with 6 zones are intelligent control and connection units of a surface heating system for the central processing of information and communication with all system components. They register and utilise a huge amount of meas- uring data for the individual, energy-efficient temperature control in every room as well as for maximum user comfort.

This system is perfectly suitable for the new construction of detached and multi-family houses as well as retrofit solution for refurbishment.

For this, the 868 MHz radio technology ensures a safe, bi-directional communication of the allocated room control devices, Base Stations and connected valve drives, all this with a minimum of radio load.

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Product characteristics

  • High-quality, modern OEM design
  • OEM differentiation of appearance
  • 24 V version
  • 6 zones
  • Connection of a maximum of 15 A5 actuators (1 – 2 per zone)
  • Proven cable guide and strain relief
  • Screwless plug-in/clamping connection technique
  • Easy operation, programming, initialisation
  • Smart Start function for an operation with maximum energy efficiency
  • Day/week program with individual daily profile
  • Integrated system clock (date/time/summer-winter changeover)
  • Holiday function
  • Commissioning mode with 2-point behaviour
  • Temperature compensation via offset
  • Deactivation of individual rooms from heating or cooling operation
  • Minimum and maximum target temperature can be set
  • Standalone or in the building automation system with Homematic IP protocol
  • Encryption and authentication of all data packets according to safety standards as e. g. AES-128 and CCM/RFC3610 Automatic load balancing
    Connection of window contact/rotary window contact Parametrisable pump connection for the 230 V version Coupling of a maximum of 7 base stations via radio by means of MIOB (multi-IP box)
  • System update (only in connection with HAP Access Point) Control with and without app
    Functional extendibility by MIOB (multi-IO box)
    CO input for heating/cooling change-over
  • Pump/boiler connection
    Dew point monitoring
    Dehumidifier control (depending on room control unit) Target temperature limitation
    ECO (external clock)
  • Functional extendibility by floor sensor for monitoring the mini- mum temperature